Real Cloudy Lemonade

Food Photography Photographer London UK Lemon

Makes 6 glasses


3 unwaxed lemons

120g unrefined sugar

750ml water

12 ice cubes 

you will also need a food mixer 
or blender 


Take the lemons and with a sharp knife,  cut off the tops and bottoms. Now with the knife or a potato peeler, pare off the lemon peel with as little of the white pith as you can manage - pith in the lemonade will give an unpleasant bitter taste. 
Put the rind in the food mixer with about a third of the sugar. Now pare off the rest of the pith around the lemons and discard.
Cut the lemons in half, remove any pips and add to the mixer, along with 250ml of water and 4 ice cubes.
Whizz the contents until well blended. Pour off the liquid into a jug through a sieve.
Return the lemon mush to the mixer with a further third of the sugar. Add another 250ml of water and 4 more ice cubes and whizz again.
Sieve the liquid into the first batch and repeat the process a third time. All done.
Ice cold, ready to drink, real cloudy lemonade.